The Philippines is an archipelago of 7107 islands. Many of these islands are of volcanic origin and show extraordinary landscapes and fertile soils. When there are volcanoes, here it will be easy to find hot springs!
These springs, in a nutshell, are the result of the aquifer system at the base of mountains or volcanoes, where the water is heated by the passage of water under the volcano, where the lava is located.

The water can also be heated by contact with the magma itself. Hot springs are therefore sometimes the result of a mix of hot and cold sources, but can also be found outside volcanic areas. The most pleasant sources are usually those a little higher than the temperature of the human body (usually between 36.5 ° C and 37.5 ° C).

The Philippines offers a good number of resorts with natural hot water. It can really be a wonderful opportunity to relax surrounded by beautiful nature shows.
In fact, these natural spas are almost always found in an equally natural environment. The body will thus receive the benefit of 5 elements: earth (from where the springs come out); metal (thanks to the wealth of minerals in the water), water (of what the springs are made), wood (the forests and mangroves that surround the spring) and fire (the source of the water heating, but also the sun above your head!). Really a complete treatment!

A bath in a hot spring is relaxing and helps dissolve stress and unnecessary tension. Diving in these waters can be an excellent therapy for several reasons. The warmth of the water and the perspiration of your skin will have a cleaning effect for your body but also for your thoughts. Even the minerals contained in these waters are usually promoted for their healing and regenerative properties, in fact many of the resorts in questions have become popular tourist destinations, and some are ideal locations for rehabilitation clinics.

Rich in luxuriant nature, the numerous Philippine natural spas are just a voice in the long list of surprising discoveries! Come to the Philippines and immerse yourself in the many wonders of nature that this paradise can offer!